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Corporate Programs

FLI specializes in providing customized language programs to organizations and groups of learners. FLI corporate programs directly respond to the learning needs of the client therefore, reducing time and costs associated with learning a new language. FLI corporate programs enable organizations to enhance their performance and productivity through capable staff. FLI corporate trainings focus on rendering critical business skills in business communication, customer service, writing and comprehension.


Business Communication

This program focuses on critical office and communication skills development. Over the duration (100 hours) of the course, practical work, and on the job training, the learners will gain critical writing, comprehension, speaking skills. An Intermediate English Comprehension is a prerequisite for the program. This course is available both on campus and off-campus for groups of learners as well as one-on-one instruction. Key skills developed are email writing and business correspondence; meeting minutes, report writing, and narrative development; presentation skills and conducting business meetings.

Advanced Business Writing

Students practice and reflect on writing in professional, public, advanced applied business writing genres, such as proposals, recommendation reports, letters, presentations, and emails, specialized letters and memoranda, resumes, relevant for careers in business. In a workshop setting, students evaluate a wide variety of sources and develop expertise in audience analysis, critical research, and other essential forms of professional communication and research, peer review and revision. The course duration is 50 hours and a good understanding of English along with basic writing fundamentals are key prerequisites for the course. The course is available on-campus and off-campus. At the end of the course students will exhibit higher than average skills in writing proposals, Reports, Letters, Emails, Recommendations and Essays.

Fundamentals of Business Writing

This introductory writing course prepares students for higher learning and English. This course focuses on improving students’ abilities in reading comprehension, building spelling and vocabulary skills, and writing well-formed simple, compound and complex sentences and well-organized paragraphs.  Attention is paid to reading skills such as identifying the main idea and supporting ideas, and using context clues for vocabulary. Emphasis is placed on the writing process, with students doing prewriting, peer editing, and multiple drafts. Readings are simplified and from a variety of texts such as media, fiction and academic selections that often, along with discussions, form the basis of student writing. The course duration is 50 hours and an understanding of English along with basic writing are key prerequisites for the course. The course is available on-campus and off-campus. At the end of the course, students will be able to write and articulate, paragraphs, articles, essays, emails and reports. This course will prepare the students to participate in the advance writing course.

Intensive English Speaking

The 100 hour course offers a full introduction to the essential English language skills and includes a host of added extras to further improve you’re language skills. This is an ideal course that will improve your speaking, reading, grammar and writing skills. Through using effective teaching methodologies (group work, peer review, one on one guidance) you will be able to learn English faster. The requirement for the course is pre-intermediate English. The course is available on-campus and off-campus. At the end of the course you will be able fluently speak, read, listen and write English in a professional level.

Expatriate Language and Culture

This course is designed for expatriates in Afghanistan. This program focuses on critical linguistic and cultural skills to help you navigate the rich and ancient culture and traditions of the local population. This program has helped many expats in Afghanistan adapt and learn critical skills to communicate effectively with colleagues. At the end of the course the learner will grasp a generic concept of the local languages, traditions, holidays, and other relevant cultural etiquettes. The learner will also become proficient at the basic level in Dari and Pashto. The course is available on-campus and off-campus.


Our Philosphy

    We are committed to providing the men, women and children of Afghanistan state of the art and world class education, training and services relevant to the needs of our changing society

What Our Students Say

    “I joined FLI’s 100 hour program, within 3 months, I was able to communicate with my local colleagues, it is indeed a fantastic program.” Brain from NRC

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