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Translation Services

FLI’s translation in-house centre is the most trusted name in document translation services in Afghanistan. Our translation centre the capacity to provide document translation services in 9 languages to public, private and non-governmental sector organizations.

With over 100 linguistic field experts, we are market leaders in providing high quality, cost-effective and confidential translations services to our clients. Our clients include some of the biggest national and international organizations in Afghanistan.

We are able to work on complex translation projects with expedient delivery timelines and serve as the one-stop-shop for all our clients’ translation needs.

Our highly skilled translators, editors, review­ers, transcribers and other frontline and sup­port staff have the required technical and linguistic expertise to deliver supreme quality translation services to our clients.


  • World Bank
  • International Rescue Committee
  • Red Cross
  • ISAF
  • Government of Afghanistan
  • Chinese Metallurgy Company
  • British Afghan Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Aga Khan Foundation
  • US Embassy Kabul


“We are satisfied with the quality of translation you deliver. Yet again, you have translated our confidential documents in the shortest time without sacrificing the quality. We trust you for the delivery of promises you make.” World Bank.

Get in touch today to find out how our translation services can help you. Contact us on details provided below:

Address: Street # 1, Off Gulforoshi Street, Shahr-E-Now, Kabul, Afghanistan

Tel: (+93) 0202 213145

Mob: (+93) 0791900111

Email: info@fliafghanistan.com

Web: www.fliafghanistan.com

Our Philosphy

    We are committed to providing the men, women and children of Afghanistan state of the art and world class education, training and services relevant to the needs of our changing society

What Our Students Say

    “I joined FLI’s 100 hour program, within 3 months, I was able to communicate with my local colleagues, it is indeed a fantastic program.” Brain from NRC

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