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Completed Projects

FLI, has successfully completed a long list project for clients from numerous sectors and industries throughout Afghanistan. Here is a list of five past projects, which represent the diversity of our project types and sectors:

Local Linguist/Interpreter provision

Status: Completed 2016

Client: ISAF, ADB, USCorp, UNDP, World Bank

Location: Kabul and surrounding provinces

English Language Training

Status: Completed 2015

Client: Aga Khan Foundation, ICRC, USAID, US Embassy

Location: Kabul

Translation Services Provision

Status: Completed 2014

Client: World Bank, ICRC, ADB, GIZ, PwC, Various Diplomatic Missions

Location: Kabul

English Language & Literacy Training to 7,500 ANSF Personnel

Status: Completed 2012-13

Client: Counterpart International, US Military

Location: Throughout Afghanistan

Teacher Training to 1000 Individuals

Status: Completed 2012

Client: Ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs

Location: Throughout Afghanistan



Our Philosphy

    We are committed to providing the men, women and children of Afghanistan state of the art and world class education, training and services relevant to the needs of our changing society

What Our Students Say

    “I joined FLI’s 100 hour program, within 3 months, I was able to communicate with my local colleagues, it is indeed a fantastic program.” Brain from NRC

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