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Explore our language programs to reach your goals

Did you know? Speaking more than one language could present more job or career opportunities. The act of multilingualism inspires the brain to do better work through improved cognitive ability and to work more efficiently. Scientists claim that bilinguals are better multitaskers. I think the idea of multitasking is mostly a myth, and what we […]

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His Excellency Minister of Education visits FLI Campus

Kabul: His Excellency Minister of Education of Afghanistan Dr Asadullah Hanif Balkhi visited the Foreign Language Institute (FLI) in Kabul recently and praised the institution’s excellence in the provision of quality education to the people of Afghanistan. The Minister was accompanied by FLI’s Managing Director Dr Zia Ur Rehman Zia. The Minister toured the institute’s campus in […]

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FLI Managing Director Dr Zia meets President Ghani

Kabul: FLI Managing Director Dr Zia met President Ghani along with some of the most prominent private sector leaders in Afghanistan. The delegation of private sector leaders discussed with the president the challenges faced by the private sector and the opportunities available to get the government’s support in order to create jobs and kick-start the economy. […]

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    We are committed to providing the men, women and children of Afghanistan state of the art and world class education, training and services relevant to the needs of our changing society

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    “I joined FLI’s 100 hour program, within 3 months, I was able to communicate with my local colleagues, it is indeed a fantastic program.” Brain from NRC

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